Annual price - 588 1.900 4900
Access opportunities
Create public or private opportunities
Access all notice types (incl. tenders) with Thumbnail view
Access all notice types (incl. tenders) with Pipeline view
Access basic filters
Access advanced filters (segment/scope of work/brands/contract type/Financing/etc...)
Access Augmented Tender (attached file deep analysis) - RELEASE SOON...
Create your own Business Pipeline
Create and register multi-criteria specific requests for automatic detection 1 3 10
Create Business Pipelines and assign opportunities
Automatic Integration with your CRM Custom
Opportunities Notifications
Notify opportunities to others
Receive weekly Notifications based on your Automatic Queries 1 AQ 3 AQ 10 AQ
Business Intelligence
Get your company recommended as potential partner on tender matching your profile to others
Access potential partner mapping
Access Contract Awards - RELEASE SOON...
Get suggestions of potential partners based on Contract Awards - RELEASE SOON...
Access global Energy company database - RELEASE SOON...
Access Dashboards BI on Tenders
Design dynamic Dashboards BI on Tenders and Contract Awards - RELEASE SOON...
Access full company directory and energy professionnal network
Access network functions: Inmails/invitations/trips/events/posts
Access publications/events/library of stats on market trends
Can target/notify users for trips/events/posts/business opportunities
Create private or public group pages
Create premium events
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