Easy access to tenders Advanced access to tenders Tender Team Access & managemenent Build the solution to your needs
Number of users 1 1 3 custom
Access to all Tenders & contract awards
Access to all Business Insights (market info and weak signals)
Thumbnail, Dashboard & Pipeline view
Dynamic detailed view Limited
Export data under XLS 1 every 24h
Download docs on your local drive
Search Advanced filters
Document Management
Augmented Tender
Search any data inside the documents
Request additional tenders documents
Create and register Automatic Queries 1 10 Unlimited
Customize Notifications
Create & manage Business Pipelines Private only Private only Private & Shared
Share notices with others
Business Intelligence
Tenders & Partners recommendations (beta version)
Access to full Tender Management Solution Add on Add on
Customize your solutions
Get customized search filter Add on Add on
Data-On-Demand - Integration of your own data sources in your environement Add on Add on
Automatic Integration with your CRM - auto synchro with your Business Pipelines Add on Add on
Manage your Opps & collaborate with your team - DeepBloo Tender Management solution
Access to your organization's data Add on Add on
Create & manage Shared Business Pipelines Add on Add on
Create private opps Add on Add on
Tender Management module (Go / No Go / Risk assessment ...) Add on Add on
Account & Contact Management Module Add on Add on
Manage user rights of your organization Add on Add on
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