Customize your own Sales & Market Intelligence Platform

Let's build together your own Sales & Market Intelligence project based on the AI-powered Deepbloo Platform.

This how we process data on Deepbloo AI-powered Platform

Deepbloo Platform transforms millions of public business data into key insights to understand your market and  into business opportunities to accelerate your growth.
We propose tailored solutions to customize and integrate Deepbloo Platform within Your business based on Your sources and Your data for Your sector.


Deepbloo Platform collects and extracts any type of data (Tenders, Contract Awards, Companies, Technical Standards, Laws...) from heterogeneous sources (HTML, jpeg, pdf...) Use your own data sources and connect your external and internal data into a single platform


Deepbloo cleans your Business data and enriches them with external content. We use Optical Character Recognition technologies on a large scale to transform daily thousands of documents from different formats into usable data sources.


We process your textual data using Deepbloo Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing models. We find key data related to your business and context from unstructured text and categorize it: locations, metrics, contacts…


Categorization & indexation of all data searchable with search engine and filters


data indexation 1
data indexation 2
data indexation 3

Deepbloo interface or personalized HMI or BI tool


Storage and archiving of the data