The energy business development solution

An all-in-one business development solution for energy professionals

Access to an all-in-one business development solution: access to energy tenders, proc. news, contract awards and manage your pipeline of opportunities to understand your business environment & market
It's time to collaborate with your colleagues

deepbloo business solution
Business funtions
Access to Opportunities
Create your own Business Pipeline
Business Intelligence & Dashboarding
deepbloo network functions
Network functions
Ability to target/notify users for trips, events, posts, or business opportunities.
increase sales with deepbloo
Increase your Sales

(+1,500 tenders everyday)
Increase sales by accessing a global database of energy tenders

boost your energy business with deepbloo
Boost your Business

(60% time saver)
Boost your business through AI functions to find business and partners

an integrated CRM solution for energy business
CRM solutions

(Best TCO on the market)
Pretty easy to develop your commercial strategy within the team

They use our business solutions
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Bridging the gap between Energy Opportunities and your Business
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