Access to Opportunities & Market Information

Looking for a 1MW IPP Solar project in East Africa? Looking for 220KV refurbishment opportunities in Substations? Let’s find it in a few clicks!

Access to tenders, contract awards and market news.
Access to filters (such as segment, the scope of work, brands, metrics, financing…) in order to find with accuracy very specific notices.
Access to attached files and use our Augmented Tender to get an automatic deep analysis).

Automatize your search and manage your Business Pipelines

Bored of checking websites everyday to figure out new opportunities of Microgrids and to create deals on your CRM system?  

Create and register multi-criteria specific requests for automatic detection of business.
Get notifications based on your Automatic Queries.
Create Business Pipelines and assign opportunities in a collaborative mode.
Integrate automatically relevant market information and business opportunities with your CRM.

Business Intelligence & Dashboarding

Spending too much time opening and reading tender documents to check if your product specificities are needed? Need insights of Solar market in West Africa? 

Navigate inside the documents and find a needle in the haystack (through Augmented Tenders).
Access to statistics and dashboard on Deepbloo opportunities to find out key trends.
Get automatic recommendations on potential partners and opportunities from Deepbloo.

Manage your opportunities & increase collaborative work

Still managing your opportunities pipeline on excel? Do not want to invest + EUR 100,000 in implementing a CRM system?

Notify opportunities to others and create Shared Business Pipelines with your colleagues.
Use Deepbloo as a full collaborative Opportunity Management Solution to create your own opportunities, engage your team and manage the full tender workflow, contacts and Organizations.

The energy business development solution

An all-in-one business development solution for energy professionals

deepbloo business solution
We collect millions of data in the energy sector such as market information, tenders, contract awards, projects…
We capture thousands of information on the market from Google, specialized websites, Utilities websites…. and we transform it (whatever the format is: html, pdf, csv, xls, doc, jpg, png... ) through readable documents that our algorithms will analyze
deepbloo network functions
We analyze these data for the energy sector and make it searchable through our Business search engine for our customers
All information, tenders and contract awards are analyzed in detail in order to identify key criteria such as the name of the organizations involved, the power or voltage range, the market segments, the key dates… All these data are indexed on Deepbloo so that our customers can search, organize, select and notify.
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