French and international tendering and market information platform

Whatever your sector of activity, access all public information and identify future business opportunities in just a few clicks!

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Plateforme d'appels d'offres et d'information de marché en France et à l’international

Quel que soit votre secteur d’activité, accédez à toutes les informations publiques et détectez vos futures opportunités de business en quelques clics !Deepbloo surveille quotidiennement des milliers de sources d’informations nationales et internationales pour vous donner accès aux opportunités publiques pour tous les métiers et les secteurs d’activités.

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DEEPBLOO in figures

+ 300 000

Tenders in France / year

+ 200 000

International tenders / year

+ 300 000

Contract awards / year

+ 400 000


International energy market intelligence solution

Identify relevant opportunities thanks to a search based on precise business criteria (country, amount, power, voltage, type of service, etc.).

Improve your competitive intelligence and find new customers with contract award.

Automate your searches, create pipelines of opportunities and share them with your team.

Integrate DeepBloo into your CRM and export your data.

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Intelligence solution for all sectors of the French public market

Access all data in France (+ 270,000 calls for tenders in 2023) thanks to a precise search (department, multi-site, buyer....).

Improve your competitive intelligence and find new customers with contract awards.

Automate your research, create your opportunity pipelines and share them with your team.

Integrate DeepBloo with your CRM and export your data.

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Solution de veille des marchés publics en France tous secteurs

Accédez à toutes les données en France  (+ 270 000 AO en 2023) grâce à une recherche précise (département, muti-sites, acheteur….)

Améliorez votre veille concurrentielle et trouvez de nouveaux clients grâce aux avis d’attributions

Automatisez vos recherches, créez vos pipelines d’opportunités et partagez les avec votre équipe

Intégrez DeepBloo à votre CRM et exportez vos données

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With Deepbloo, work as a team on all public markets

Multiply your sales and opportunities

+ 6000 daily energy-related opportunities to boost your sales

Develop your

+ 100,000 customers and partners in + 180 countries to develop your market

Improve sales efficiency

80% time savings, thanks to extensive filters and in-depth analysis of tenders

Strategic decision-making

+ 5 million market data  from thousands of different sources for strategic decision-making

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Why should you choose Deepbloo?

Data completeness

Deepbloo's advanced technologies enable us to collect thousands of pieces of data daily from all the tendering platforms in France and Internationally (European countries tendering platforms, TED Europe, BOAMP, municipalities websites, press, local authorities, etc.)

Data coverage of award notices and weak signals

Deepbloo also covers information such as AMI, calls for projects, award notices...

Organizing and sharing notices

Deepbloo enables you to detect automatically relevant opportunities through the automatic queries and receive notifications. All relevant opportunities can be properly classified in Business Pipelines that can be shared within the team.

Discover the features

Share notices in shared folders, assign persons in charge, notify partners....
Detect all public procurement, award notice coverage
Find your perfect match thanks to our search bar and advanced filters
Look for specific information in documents and request additional documents


France only
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  • 1 to 3 users
  • Access to tenders and contract awards  in France
  • Basic search filters
  • Thumbnail and analytical views
  • Creating an automated query with notification
  • Creating a personal file (pipeline)
  • Individual training session
All sectors


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  • 1 to 3 users
  • Access to international tenders and contract awards
    All Premium options
  • Unlimited creation of automated queries with notification
  • Advanced search filters
  • Specialized search filters Energy
  • Modular and Dashboard view
  • Xls data export
  • Download documents
  • Document search and request
    Unlimited creation of personal and shared folders (pipeline)
    Sharing notices
    Regular reviews
    CRM synchronization
Energy sector