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Do not waste your time chasing irrelevant tenders! Stay focused on the perfect matches to your business!
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Increase your Sales

(+2,000 tenders

+2000 daily energy-related opportunities to increase your sales

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(+ 3,5K business insights
+ 40K end-users)

Develop your business with Worldwide end-users customers

an integrated CRM solution for energy business
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Find a needle in a haystack through extensive filters and tenders deep analysis

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Accelerate deal creation

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Our Sales & Market intelligence Deepbloo Platform in Energy Public sector

DEEPBLOO is a comprehensive Sales and Market Intelligence Platform in Energy sector, allowing professionals to access +2000 daily tenders and business data such as contract awards, procurement news from + 100,000 organizations… every day. Detect your next business opportunities and make informed data-driven decisions

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Customize your own Sales & Market Intelligence Energy Platform

Let's build your own Sales & Market Intelligence project on the AI-powered Deepbloo Platform. Deepbloo Platform could be customized and integrated into Your business, based on Your sources and Your data, for Your sector.

1- Integrate, enrich, organize & visualize your data.
2- Integrate Deepbloo Platform within your own CRM.
3- Process your content & textual data using Deepbloo Machine Learning models to understand them from unstructured text.
4- Index and organize your business data and documents for easy search on Deepbloo Search engine. 
5- Collaborate with your colleagues: share your opps and insights!
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Deepbloo has proven to be a valuable and efficient tool to get a comprehensive snapshot of business opportunities in the centralized renewable energy sector. As a business association, this helps us with the latest market intelligence on the market.
Amanda S.
Project & Communications Officer (The Alliance for Rural Electrification)
With our partner Deepbloo, we benefit from a custom-made Business Intelligence solution that allows us to understand and support our customers from the public and private sectors in Sub Saharan Africa in order to reduce their electrical bills and facilitate electricity access in rural areas.
Davy Théophile
VP Business Unit Renewable Energy
CRM Group
I am using Deepbloo to find more prospects in very specific markets in the energy sector. Thanks to its data analysis technology, I get customized insights for each opportunity. This makes my search for new clients and partners much more efficient. And, Deepbloo’s team keeps improving the product, harnessing the power of data!
Mathieu B.
International Delegate (EDF)
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At Deepbloo, we believe that the diversity of our team is something special. We come from 7 countries, speak more than 10 languages and some of us even have dual citizenship.Targeting the international market, we know that diversity helps us to bring the best service to our clients and partners.

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