We have released the business insights on Solar & Off-grid system.

Published on:
Monday, September 20, 2021

Business Insights
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Solar & Off-grid 2021 Business Insights

Energy is everyone’s concern and is nowadays the backbone of all human activities.

At DEEPBLOO, we know that 200 years of continuous growth have drastically developed our agricultural production force, our travel capacities, the industries of goods and services…

From now on, human development cannot ignore a new form of accounting: carbon production, loss of biodiversity, and raw materials scarcity. Because, if we do not take into account these parameters, our industrial activity and the quality of our future lives is likely to be significantly reduced. We still have the possibility to make choices before nature imposes them on us.

The challenge is significant, complex, and requires creating synergies that do not exist today, innovative operating methods, the development of traditional players and institutions, and the emergence of new relevant players in the energy environment.

DEEPBLOO modestly brings its contribution to this ambitious change of paradigm. We will dig into the millions of data that DEEPBLOO has been collecting in order to help energy professionals to understand how the business actually evolves and how can they position themselves to work for a better world.