The latest detailed User Guide of Deepbloo in 2022.

Published on:
Wednesday, March 2, 2022

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Deepbloo User Guide 2022

During 2021, we have optimised our intelligence platform with advanced functions and the user-friendly interface for our clients.

In the Deepbloo User Guide 2022, we have embedded all the updated detailed instructions. The objective of the User Guide is to help our clients find out all their perfect-match tenders in a fast, easy and efficient way. We aim not to cause any confusion to our clients in each click on our platform.

Up till now, we have developed a powerful search engine with multiple search methods.

  • You will have various business opportunities with multiple views (dashboard, column, pipeline, thumbnail, etc) !
  • You will use a platform which provides +2000 augmented tenders every day & powerful tender management!
  • You would assign tenders into dedicated business pipelines & integrate tenders into your CRM!
  • You will easily connect other professionals, build up the people networks and participate in future events!