The Deepbloo Team is pleased to publish the Business Insight about Solar Energy in Africa for your energy business development.
Business Insights - Solar Energy in Africa

This month, the Deepbloo Team is delighted to publish the Business Insight about Solar Energy in Africa. This document would provide readers with an overview of the market trends and dynamics of the solar market in Africa. Thousands of data related to African Solar Market are collected on Deepbloo Platform, and this document includes the most important market notices and the latest business opportunities for our customers to develop solar business in the future.

Being one of the most promising markets of the solar energy in the world, the African market is bringing us many fast developing evolutions, which are explained in details in this document:

  • +1500 solar tenders available in the current market;
  • 48 countries in the continent are participating in the solar market;
  • 8 major financial organizations are funding different solar projects;
  • Global view of tenders per sub-region.

Deepbloo is accelerating rapidly in the energy market, aiming to provide the best data and market news, improve the cooperation between tenderers and partners, and offer more comprehensive ways for the community to better understand the energy market.

Happy reading!