We have released the Business Insights Solar Lighting 2022

Published on:
Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Business Insights
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Business Insights 2022 Solar Lighting

DEEPBLOO Team is proud to issue a new Business Insights enabling readers to have, in one glance, an overview of the Public market’s data. We begin this new year 2022 with our good habits, we have decided to propose an analysis on Solar Lighting public data. More and more lighting systems are made with solar technology for street lights or rural electrification using LEDs or CFLs for kerosene lamps replacement. It is observed that the quality of life improved in areas where public insititutions and contractors have invested on such technology.

Some Solar Lighting related key figures on the Deepbloo platform are:

  • Deepbloo offers 5,900+ notices (RFQ/Tenders, awards, news) specifically related to "solar lighting" for the year of 2021 (January to november).
  • + 1,000 Organizations have published tenders
  • in 79 different countries
  • With 52 long term/frame agreements
  • And 6 major financial organisations funding "solar lighting" related tenders worldwide.

The DEEPBLOO team is quite excited by the digital playground offered by Public Authorities regarding solar lighting projects. We will keep moving forward with the ambition of giving to our community the possibility to understand better this public market, create interaction between tenderers and business partners by offering the best data quality possible.

Happy reading!