You can create posts to communicate on your brand, project, product, site inauguration, webinar ect…

Create posts to communicate about your company: on Live Feed you can post a notification out to DEEPBLOO community members. You can use @ to tag others. You can add hyperlinks, images, video and an attachment to your notification.
Your premium account will allow you to select the Notify people button, you can select the people to notify and this can be done by searching on a person’s name, a Location (up to 64km), Companies, Industries, and so on. You can multi-select using the available filters.
You can use Select all to choose all users who appear based on your criteria. Unselect all will reverse this process.
If someone is working in a company that shall not be notified, just do not select it and she/he will not be notified. It is easy to deselect by clicking the radio button next to the user’s name.
When you have made your selection, validate selection and click “Publish”. Your post is published!

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