On each tender that we publish, our system builds a mapping of potential players based on 3 rules:

1. CPV automatic detection on each tender

Deepbloo’s algorithm analyses the title and description of all tenders. Based on the content, our system allocates CPV which corresponds to scope of work, the type of products or activities.
For example, if the title of a tender is “Microgrid and solar installation consultancy” , the system will allocate various CPV such as “offgrid”, “consulting”, “solar energy”, etc.

2. Identification of companies having at least one user with CPV’s in common with the tender CPV’s

Any company which has at least one registered user on Deepbloo who has  at least one CPV (market segment – any user can update these in My Profile section: see here to update your business preferences) in common with the CPV of tenders, will appear on the mapping of this tender.
In other terms, the company will appear on any tender having a CPV code matching at least with one CPV code selected in the user profile of this company.
Moreover, to make sure your organization appears a potential player, we need to know for which organization you are working for. You need as well to create your organization (Add an “experience” in My Profile).
If your organization already exists, it will be proposed to you as a choice, you just have to select it.

3. Positioning of the companies in the graph

Companies are placed on the graph according the following rules:

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