Being able to search for particular profiles in the DEEPBLOO community is a powerful and yet essential tool.

You have the ability to add members of the community to your “favourite users” by clicking on the star on the top right corner. You can search on first name, last name, maiden name, keywords and location.
There is as well  a range of filters that can also be applied to  find specific profiles in the DEEPBLOO Community: Segment / Company Type / Activities & Products / Area of activity….   You can for example look for a professional working in Transmission market in Cables in Southern Africa. When you have applied your filters, you can visualise your community on the map.
You can zoom in an out of the map and really pinpoint where members are located.

When you have located members in a particular area on the map, you can click on their profile image to find out further details about them and see in which Company she/he is working.

The name of the member of the community you have selected acts as a hyperlink and you are directed to their profile page.

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