February 10, 2022
Using business data in your Sales and Business Development strategy

Nowadays the number of business data available on the cloud has been increasing dramatically and shall be used to help any organization to understand its environment and assess its market. These business data will complement investigations led on the field by the Sales team and will drastically help the organization to understand the complexity of a new market:

  • Who are the end-users, the buyers, the funders?
  • What is the business volume, what are the trends and perspectives?What is the average amount of possible business per month/ quarter…
  • Which organizations are successful, which scope of work…?

ManyBusiness data can be captured from public sources on the Cloud (Utility orCompany websites, newspapers,...) and analyzed. Here below is a summary of the main categories of data that can be collected and analyzed for Business Development and Market Intelligence purposes. 

Sources Data Learning
Public Tenders Description/Title/dates of publication/bid deadline/Organizations/ Country/Attached file with full description: budget, voltage range…
  • Volume of business in a specific sector, voltage range, scope of work…
  • Business trend per organization, month, quarter…
  • Technical characteristics of tenders
  • Business Awards Awarded organizations, Description, Country, Awarding Organizations
  • Awarded organizations (possible partners or competitors for you!) per country, type of business…
  • Possible description of future tenders
  • Business News Description, Country...
  • Business to come
  • Budget of organizations
  • Main trends…
  • Organizations News, products, events
  • Watching your competitors: new contracts! new offices! financial indicators.
  • Identifying potential partners
  • ...


    The data listed here above are available in the public domain because:

    • Most organizations have public accountings which can be consulted
    • Most organizations have websites where many information including products can be found
    • Almost all public tenders are accessible directly on the websites of the publishing organizations
    • News is published in specialized newspapers, public utilities, or Government websites and is often freely accessible…

    On the contrary, private opportunities will be difficult to capture as they are in general not made public. Indeed, private requests for quotations are generally not published. 

    However, some large private organizations have a dedicated portal where the vendors can access requests for a quotation if they are registered as vendors and have the credentials to log in to the portal.


    About Deepbloo:

    DEEPBLOO is a comprehensive Sales and MarketIntelligence Platform in the Energy sector, allowing professionals to access+2000 daily tenders and business data such as contract awards, procurement news from + 100,000 organizations… every day. Our platform will detect your next business opportunities and support you to make informed data-driven decisions.

    Since 2021, Deepbloo Platform could be customized and integrated intoYour business, based on Your sources and Your data, for Your sector:

    1. Integrate, enrich, organize & visualize your data.
    2. Integrate Deepbloo Platform within your own CRM.
    3. Process your content & textual data using Deepbloo Machine Learning models to understand them from unstructured text.
    4. Index and organize your business data and documents for easy search on the Deepbloo Search engine. 
    5. Collaborate with your colleagues: share your opportunities and insights!