March 30, 2022

Deepbloo team has officially been a member of Cemater since March, 2022.

Working for years as a renewable energy business development platform, Deepbloo is devoted to seeking new solutions for the dynamic energy industry. Being like-minded with Cemater, we are concerned about the transformation of energy business models, climate change and environmental protection, the quality of life and human rights. Hence, we are extremely happy to cooperate with all the members of Cemater from now on and in the long term. 

About Cemater:

Cemater is an organization that federates more than 60 energy companies to contribute to renewable energies and sustainable construction in the Occitanie / Pyrenees – Mediterranean Region.  Cemater is dedicated to implementing the national energy transition law for the green growth of renewable energies at a regional level. Since Occitanie is the home to the richest biodiversity, Cemater also takes up the regional responsibility to improve biodiversity preservation and to reduce human impacts on the environment.    

We perceive it as an opportunity for both ourselves and our clients. We will very soon integrate more renewable energy tenders and construction solutions in our future projects. We will then provide a larger pool of quality information, better resources and industrial knowledge. We will also enlarge the network with energy professionals to bring our clients more links for collaborative projects with ever more partners. Last but not least, we will work continuously to raise people’s awareness of integrating renewable energies into their activities. 

Since the first day of Deepbloo, we have been committed to becoming a business model in the renewable energy sector. We never give up hard work for being a qualified reformer in the global energy transition to lead more companies to adopt green energy solutions. The past years have turned to prove that we have worked well in providing an energy tender platform for our clients. The future years will witness how we will work well for the good of the industry, the community and the planet. 

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