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July 25, 2022
Business Development Platform for Energy Specialists on Deepbloo

A business development platform stores a large amount of business data and processes information quickly through supportive tools. In which, business development platforms provide useful solutions for firms such as business environment and market, news, business intelligence, and other functions. 

In the energy sector, in particular, a business development platform for energy specialists is an excellent resource for newcomers as well as seasoned professionals. This article will list must-have features of the business development platform for energy specialists and relative information about the BD platform:

What is a business development platform?

Through the business development platform, business operations will be processed into an all-in-one platform where they provide sufficient information. Operational activities include marketing, sales, and business data defining a standard set of goals with performance metrics, and employing the appropriate mix of tactics to achieve the desired outcomes 

There are many ways to build or own a business development:

  • Create your own business development platform for energy specialists
  • Attend the available business development platform in the energy market 

Business development investments will strengthen business foundations such as business data, sales, and marketing activities. Businesses can rely on the information provided by these platforms to make decisions about expanding their market share.

Features of business development platforms for energy specialists on Deepbloo

Deepbloo is a sales and marketing platform dedicated to energy professionals. Deepbloo is an intelligence platform for energy professionals, with over +3000 daily tenders and business data such as contract awards and market news from over 100,000 organizations.

Deepbloo features:

  • Business development platform for the energy sector: Deepbloo B2B platform provides solutions for energy professionals which allow them to access tender projects, contract awards, and market insight.  
  • Customized market intelligence projects: With Deepbloo, you can create your own sales and marketing intelligence projects based on the AI-powered Deepbloo platform. All business data can be transferred into key insight to understanding deeply about the energy market. 

Providing key functions of a business development platform: You can easily access opportunities to grow in the energy sector, business intelligence, and manage the business within your team.

Benefits of using business development platform on Deepbloo

Deepbloo is an all-in-one business development tool for energy experts that helps them build their companies. With Deepbloo, you can:

Increase your sales 

Latest news about energy-related news from all over the world is continuously updated on websites. This allows you to access relevant energy projects, develop your market and your own business platform, improve research efficiency and consist of market information upstream. 

Get data on demand 

Deepbloo can deliver a large amount of available business data on a daily basis based on your needs, which will be transferred into your personal Deepbloo workspace. And these data are processed through advanced tools (AI power), which will be applied on your data. 

CRM solutions 

Through CRM solutions given by Deepbloo to help businesses manage their customer data, your business data may be rapidly synced on other platforms. For example, you can get data automatically integrated into CRM, it will reduce time and cost in managing data. 

Fully customized solution 

The Deepbloo platform gathers and extracts data from a variety of sources (Tenders, Contract Awards, Companies, Technical Standards, Laws, etc). (HTML, jpeg, pdf.. .) Connect your external and internal data into a single platform by using your own data sources.

Successful business development platform for energy specialists

A business development platform for energy specialists must meet a number of needs. It must include all necessary functions and provide adequate services to meet the business's requirements. So that, a business development platform should make clear: 

  • It aids in the creation and maintenance of a company culture that includes marketing, sales, and service strategies.
  • It defines and sets realistic growth goals, as well as the steps necessary to accomplish them.
  • It aids in the identification of firms with whom you want to do business and essential organizations required to reach the markets you serve or wish to service.

Using a business development platform can provide your company with a market overview, allowing you to make informed decisions about how to expand your company. A strong foundation in business development will aid your company in determining the best combination of marketing approaches to reach your objectives.

In conclusion

The use of business development platforms in data management will help businesses optimize the majority of their time during operation, so businesses must match their needs and goals with the right business development platform.